Who We Are?


PT. Dirga Nusantara Internasional was established in 2021 which is located in Jakarta. Previously, one of the founders of PT. Dirga Nusantara Internasional had experience in trading and processing palm oil products and their derivatives, especially Palm Acid Oil, HACPO more than 2 years. As well as doing a lot of work in the Kalimantan area.

Therefore, due to the experience possessed by the founder of the company in the field of palm oil and its derivatives and with very supportive resources, it is hoped that a superior and quality palm oil derivative product can be created, and can meet the needs of palm oil products in particular. CPO, PAO, HACPO both domestically and abroad.

Palm oil is one of the raw materials in the world that has uses that can be found in shampoos, toothpastes, to coffee and creamers.

PT. Dirga Nusantara Nasional, is a national company, which supplies several derivative products from palm oil.


To become the best industrial company and trading company in the country and abroad.

That is trusted and reputable and has access and an extensive network.


Need supplies several derivative products from palm oil ?

PT. DIRGA NUSANTARA INTERNASIONAL also sells its products to various regionsin Indonesia and abroad.